Ireland’s Leading Network Cable Provider

Are you looking to buy Network Cables in Ireland? Techpart are Irelands leading supplier of Network cable.Whether you are looking to set up a network in your workplace, at home or are looking to upgrade an existing network, Techpart have all the Network Cables that you require you need.

Network Cables including Cat5e, Cat 5 Cable & Cat 6 Cable

Although CAT5e, CAT 5 Cable and CAT 6 cable can prove effective choices for use in home or office environments, selecting CAT 6 Cable can significantly boost the performance of a network in an industrial setting. CAT 6 Cable is suitable in areas that have alot of intrusion lines such as manufacturing equipment or power lights. Cat 6 cables can quickly enhance your entire network.

You can select from a variety of CAT5e, CAT5 Cable and CAT 6 cable lengths so make sure you think about where you plan on fitting them so that you can get something with the right dimensions. Our range of CAT5e, CAT 5 Cable and CAT 6 cables can be provided in a wide range of colours allowing you to colour coordinate your set up.

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