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Are you looking to buy Network Cables in Ireland? Techpart are Ireland’s leading supplier of Network cables.Whether you are looking to set up a new network in your workplace, at home or are looking to upgrade from an existing network, Techpart have all the Network Cables that you require and need to do so.

Network Cables including Cat5e, Cat 5 Cable & Cat 6 Cable

Although CAT5e and CAT 5 Cable can prove effective choices for use in home or office environments, selecting CAT 6 cable can significantly boost the performance of a network in an industrial setting. CAT 6 cable is suitable in areas that have many intrusion lines such as manufacturing equipment or power lights. Cat 6 cable can quickly enhance your entire network.

We have a variety of CAT5e, CAT5 Cable and CAT 6 cable lengths for you to choose from so that you can fit the right dimensions in your network. Our range of CAT5e, CAT 5 Cable and CAT 6 cables can be provided in a wide range of colours allowing you to colour coordinate your set up.

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