Scope Of Warranty

The Mini6™ 25 year horizontal System Warranty covers all permanent copper cabling, RJ45 telecommunication outlets and patch panels within the horizontal
cabling of a category 6 cabling system, which has been tested and certified in accordance with the Mini6™ Warranty Installation Guidelines.
Only a Mini6™ Cabling Partner, holding a current approved installer certificate, can offer a Mini6™ System Warranty.
To be registered as a Mini6™ Cabling Partner, the installation engineers must have attended a recognised structured cabling course or have been granted certified
installer accreditation via another recognised structured cabling manufacture.
Mini6™ or an approved Mini6™ distributor must supply all installed products, which will have been manufactured or approved for use by Mini6.™
Registration of a system must take place prior to the commencement of the installation.

The following products are to be specified and installed for a warranted system.
– 24 way or 48 way Mini6™ Patch Panel
– Mini6™ Category 6 RJ45 telecommunication outlet
– Mini6™ Category 6 LSOH solid cable
– Mini6™ Category 6 LSOH Enhanced equipment, interconnect and workstation cords.

– All products covered under the warranty are guaranteed for a period of 25 years from issue of the warranty certificate.
– The components meet or exceed the performance requirements of the designated link and or channel classification on the warranty certificate.
– Support all current and all future network applications designed to run on the designated link or channel classification.

System warranty will only be valid provided:
– The installation was designed and installed in accordance with Mini6™ installation guidelines.
– Full project documentation, including floor plans are logged.
– The installation is tested in accordance with ANSI/TIA/EIA 568-5B standards.
– All moves and changes are tested and documented in accordance to Mini6™ guidelines.

System Certification
– The installer using a Level III hand held tester must test all links using the Permanent Link method. Test data should then be downloaded and transferred to
disc or E-mail and then despatch to Mini6™ for examination. The correct test standards must be used, and If no failures are detected then a 25 year System
Warranty certificate will be issued within 30 days.
– Mini6™ reserves the right to visit a site and carry out its own tests on a system before certifying and registering the system.

The Mini6™ 25-year warranty covers the initial installation. Should the tenancy or ownership of the installed cabling change the warranty will become void unless
the site is re-certified by a Mini6™ Cabling Partner. This system check will ensure no damage or change has been done to the structured cabling during the
transfer of ownership. The remainder of the warranty will then be carried over.

The warranty specifically excludes non-fixed items of the structured cabling system, such as:
– Modular adapters/ baluns/ telephone adapters
– Active Equipment
– Public network interfaces
– Terminal equipment
– Systems installed outside of the United Kingdom
– Patch cords

– The products are not installed in accordance with Mini6™ installation/design guidelines, or are misused/damaged during or after installation.
– Modifications, additions or repairs are made to products without the written consent of Mini6™.
– A fault arises from a design defect in any drawing or specification supplied or approved by the user.
– Moves, adds or changes are made to a warranted link after system certification, by a non Mini6™ Cabling Partner.
– Not all Mini6™ design and installation directives are met.

In addition Mini6™ will not be liable for:
– Components that have failed outside the scope of normal wear and tear.
– Damage /breakage’s caused by external elements or other damage outside the control of Mini6™.
– Consequential losses, such as computer down time and lost process time.

In the event a user believes that there is a genuine problem with a product forming part of the warranted system, the following actions should
be taken.

– The fault should be reported back to the Mini6™ Cabling Partner.
– If the Mini6™ Cabling Partner is unable to rectify the problem, a Mini6™ engineer will, if deemed necessary, visit the site in order to investigate and resolve
all technical issues in relation to the probable cause.
– If the cause of a fault is not specific to the warranted components, the cost of investigation may be passed onto the customer.
If a product in the opinion of a Mini6™ engineer has a genuine fault, Mini6™ will at its option:
– Organise replacement or repair the faulty product.
– Arrange the re-testing of the link and update warranty documentation.