Custom Cables Ireland


Founded in 2002, Techpart Ltd. is a privately owned Irish distributor of innovative products for the networking, audio visual and home automation markets.

Techpart install and supply an extensive range of custom cables sourced from leading manufacturers that are reputed for their high quality yet competitively priced products. Techpart is based in Limerick but our products and services are accessible nationwide and we are committed to our next working day delivery promise.

A custom cable can be designed to meet specific requirements that cannot be met by off-the-shelf cables. For instance, a custom cable can be made to a specific length or gauge, have unique connectors or wiring configurations, or be designed to function in harsh or unusual environments. Custom cables can also be useful in situations where space is limited, and standard cables would not fit properly. Additionally, custom cables can be designed for specific applications, such as medical equipment or military-grade communications, where high reliability and performance are critical. Ultimately, a custom cable can be a cost-effective solution that can save time and effort in finding and adapting off-the-shelf cables, while ensuring that the cable meets the exact requirements of the application.