Mini5 POE 48V 10/100Mbps Panels

Mini5 PoE 48V 12 port panel for both data and PoE functionality. Upper 12 ports provide connectivity to existing switches.
The panel then injects power into the link (10/100Mbps)only pins & the bottom row can be patched to an existing panel to take data and power to the end device. (Pins 1&2, 3&4 data and pins 4&5, 7&8 for power).

The sum total output power must be lower than the MAX input power of AC/DC power converter. The recommended formula for AC/DC power converter is 10W per RJ45 set (1 set = 2 x RJ45 sockets). For example: 12 x 10W = 120W for 12-port Passive PoE panel.

• 12way panel can offer a maximum of 10W for each port if all ports are linked. If link less than 4 ports, the link port can provide about 30W.
• Grounding function offers protection against EMI.Each socket provides protection against shorts & current protection 650mA & can vary the output depending on the load.

Power adapter provided within the box, giving 48Volts maximum 120Watts shared across each ports.
Ideal solution for powering IP telephones, small wireless access points & IP cameras.