Ethyl Alcohol 70%

Hydroalcoholic solution
Surface cleaning


Hydroalcoholic solution is ideal for cleaning surfaces of all kinds, including plastics such as methacrylate; anything from the steering wheel of a car to eyeglasses, household furniture, the computer or cell phone screens. In addition to its disinfecting power, the product is also useful for getting rid of glue residue easily.

Due to its formulation it may cause reactions with some types of inks and paints, so it is recommended to do a preliminary test to ensure that the product does not compromise the aesthetic appearance of the object.The spray does not need to be shaken, for this reason you will not hear the sound of the mixing ball. As there is no residue, it does not require cleaning the diffuser after use.


Reference: EX014PR0003
EANindividual : 8427744159115
EAN box: 8427744258610

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