Since July 2017, the Construction Product Directive (CPR) now includes performance specifications relating to how a cable reacts to fire. The objective of CPR is to improve the safety of buildings by creating a common set of characteristics at a national level to guarantee the same set of standards are complied with by everyone in the supply chain.These specifications have been implemented across all EU member states through a universal classification structure called Euroclasses. The classification structure includes seven Euroclasses (from A to F) where an A class is given to cables that have the least reaction to fire, and an F class indicates a cable would have the most reaction to a fire. Other considerations within the Euroclass structure include heat release, smoke production, light transmittance, flaming droplets and acid gas production.It is important that all permanently installed cables are regulated as building fires can be caused by structures and fittings.

The brand of cables that we supply have been given a Euroclass rating of DCA by our suppliers, indicating that it is a “low fire hazard”.


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