Techpart Ltd has extensive experience and expertise in data installations and data cabling solutions. Established in 2002, we can design and install a data cabling system to suit your requirements and budget. Techpart Ltd has a background in working with all aspects of network components and LAN solutions such as: CAT 5e, CAT 6, Cat 6a and Fibre Optic network design. We are certified installers of Mini5, Mini6, Hubbell and Metz Connect brands. Techpart Ltd exceeds in providing excellent service, expert installation and the highest quality IT infrastructure and telecommunications solutions guaranteed to meet and exceed customer expectations.  The solutions provided by Techpart Ltd range from structured cabling network design to overhead and under floor cable containment. Techpart Ltd has worked in a variety of working conditions, for example:


  • Airports
  • Hospitals and other clean environments
  • Schools
  • Office areas and other quiet environments  “Mini5 & Mini6 are recognised low cost structured cabling brands, with a reputation for high quality and lower associated installed costs. Both Mini5 & Mini6 solutions are available to approved installers as a 25 year system & component warranty. Mini5 is a punch down Cat5e modular UTP or a shielded (STP) Cat5e keystone solution, utilising LSA punch down connection blocks. Mini6 is a Cat6 UTP or Cat6a shielded punch down or Tool-less modular keystone solution, where the same style keystone jack is used for both the panel & wall outlets.” “Hubbell’s UTP and FTP cable are specifically designed and balanced to provide a high performance, end-to-end system. All cable are specifically designed to meet performance and budget needs while extending the life span of the infrastructure. Hubbell’s premium quality fiber cable completes the end-to-end channel solution, offering a single source advantage to specification writers, contractors, and end users. Made to order with the industry’s highest performing optical fiber, Hubbell’s fiber cable provides total integration of connectivity, enclosures, and pre-terminated assemblies into a single-source infrastructure solution, backed by the Mission Critical 25-Year Warranty.” “Cabling includes highly specified, internationally standardized and powerful connection components and connection systems in the copper and fiber optic techniques. These solutions are used in structured building and industry cabling applications and for data centers. Convenient installation, maximum quality and perfect system compatibility across all important performance classes are the main characteristics of our modular inserts, connectors, wall outlets, patch panels, distributors, IP-protected plug connectors and patch and installation cables.”